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Welcome to Strawberry Happiness Farm Juicy Berries for You!

We are a family farm specializing in growing the most juicy, sweet and aromatic strawberries. Our efforts are aimed at providing you with fresh and high-quality berries that will give you real pleasure.

Our roots go deep into family tradition and a passion for farming. Strawberry Happiness Farm is the story of how our ancestors taught us to take care of nature and grow the highest quality berries.

Our farm is not just a business, it is our family business. Each of us puts our soul and effort into caring for plants. We believe this gives our products a special energy and warmth.

Our Assortment

At Strawberry Happiness Farm, we pride ourselves on growing a variety of strawberries to suit the varied tastes of our customers. Here are some of the varieties we grow:

Sweet Summer: famous for its sweetness and juiciness. The berries are large, bright red and full of juice. They are ideal for eating fresh or making desserts.

Royal Sadness: distinguished by its aroma and exquisite taste. The berries are large and soft, with subtle notes of vanilla and sweet sourness. They are ideal for making preserves and jams.

North Star: has beautiful dark red berries. It has a rich and full-bodied flavor that brings out the sweetness of the strawberries. The berries of this variety are perfect for decorating desserts.


For Gourmets

Forest Aroma: has an intense aroma of forest berries and a creamy texture. It is ideal for making strawberry pies and ice cream.

Golden Sweetness: Known for its unique golden coloring of the berries. The flavor of this strawberry is sweet and aromatic, with a delicate texture. The berries of this variety are perfect for making fruit salads.

We have many other varieties, each with their own unique qualities and flavor profiles. We take pride in providing you with many options so you can enjoy a variety of true strawberry flavors.

Keep in mind that strawberry seasons can vary and some varieties may only be available at certain times of the year. We always try to provide you with the freshest and most delicious berries.

Natural Growing Methods


At Strawberry Happiness Farm we follow natural growing methods. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides because we believe that naturalness is the key to health and taste. Our plants grow in harmony with nature, and this makes our berries incredibly tasty.

Our approach to farming and growing strawberries is based on the principles of biological agriculture and respect for the environment.

No Chemical Fertilizers: We do not use chemical fertilizers that can pollute the soil and water. Instead, we use organic fertilization methods such as compost and natural mineral amendments to enrich the soil with nutrients.

Pesticide Free: We do not use chemical pesticides or insecticides to control pests. Instead, we use biological control methods such as beneficial insects and protective plants.

Irrigation systems: We have developed efficient irrigation systems that allow us to save water and provide plants with moisture in optimal quantities. We also collect rainwater for irrigation.

Hand picking: We pick strawberries by hand to avoid damage to the berries and preserve their natural taste and aroma.

Crop Rotation: We practice crop rotation, which helps improve soil fertility and reduce the risk of plant diseases.

Biodiversity: We encourage biodiversity on our farm by creating natural barriers and areas for animals and insects that contribute to the ecosystem.

Seasonal Cycles: We follow seasonal cycles and do not grow strawberries outside of their natural season. This allows us to offer you true freshness and taste.

Our main goal is to provide you with the highest quality strawberries that are not only delicious, but also safe for your health and the environment.



At Strawberry Happiness Farm, we enjoy creating a variety of products from our fresh, flavorful strawberries.

Strawberry jam: We prepare natural strawberry jam, which retains the bright taste and aroma of fresh strawberries. It is ideal for sandwiches, toast and even baked goods.

Strawberry Jam: Our strawberry jam is a real delicacy. It is created from selected berries and has an indescribable taste. Serve it with toast, pancakes or add to yoghurts and ice cream.

Fresh Frozen Berries: We also offer fresh frozen strawberries so you can enjoy the taste of summer any time of year. They are great for making cocktails, smoothies, baked goods and desserts.

Strawberry Desserts: We create a variety of desserts, including strawberry cakes, pies and muffins, to provide you with sweet treats with natural strawberry flavor.

Strawberry Juice: Our freshly squeezed strawberry juices, without added preservatives or sugar, are a wonderful source of vitamins and antioxidants.


Delivery within the city: We deliver our fresh strawberries and products from them throughout the city using our own couriers. This ensures fast and reliable delivery straight to your doorstep.

Freshness Guaranteed: We package products to ensure they remain fresh during delivery. This means you get strawberries that retain all of their natural flavor and aroma.

Delivery Time of Your Choice: You can choose a delivery time that is convenient for you to receive our products at your convenience.



It was my first time trying strawberries from the farm and it was truly a taste of summer! I felt the aroma and sweetness of each berry. And most importantly, knowing that it was grown naturally, I felt confident in the quality of the product.


This is simply the most delicious berry! Very juicy and aromatic. I always buy strawberries here for my family, and everyone, without exception, is delighted with the taste. Thank you for the natural products. I recommend!


The best strawberries I've ever tasted! And the fact that it is grown with respect for nature makes it even more attractive. Thanks to the farm for such a delicious experience! We also bought jam, it smells like summer. A true taste of childhood!

Contact us

If you have questions, orders or would like to know more about our farm, please contact us. We are always happy to share our passion for berries and nature with you.

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